Ruston Restoration
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May 2017


17th May


On a wet damp day a handful of volunteers gathered at Torrington station to see the arrival of the Ruston Engine, as it arrived on a low loader and craned into place.


18th May


With mops and buckets at hand and some cloths from the carriage Phil and John washed and cleaned all the green mould.


25th May


The follow week more washing of the outside, the cab cleaned out of all spare parts and rubbish



June 2017

1st June


Started to free up doors which needed removing to release hinges, A wooden gang way was made to make level access from the cab to platform to aid access.


8th June


Refitted control panel and doors a closing bar had to be made which had gone missing. (First job off many)


15th June


Freed off rest of doors then started to place in situ all the spare parts we had.


17/18th June


Open weekend continued Thursdays work and got to understand how the pulleys worked.


22nd June


Compressor temporally fitted into position, this enabled us to see what we had and more importantly what was missing, for the first time went underneath lots of loose pipes and a sort of flange missing on one of the wheels.


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