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News archive 3



July 2017


6th July


Started painting the roof after sanding and then primer it, this in preparation for naming ceremony,(19th August) One of our volunteers, Chris brought the radiator cap he had made.


11th July


Removed radiator pipes and blanked them off filled the radiator with water and tried a pressure test, could not get a seal on radiator filler, slight leak on the header tank where it was bolted down. Bolts tightened and left.


Continued with cab painting


20th July


Having realised we had two oil coolers. The original locos’ plus the one that came with the replacement engine, we decided to remove the pipe work from the original loco cooler to go with the existing engine cooler which of course was all connected.


27th July


Fitted pulleys on front of engine, radiator and compressor line up something not quite right with the water pump (Another problem)

August 2017


1st Aug


Undercoated side of cab and glossed the roof.


Fitted dynamo with new support shaft Chris had made does not line up. We obviously have the loco dynamo on the bracket for the replacement engine dynamo which has gone, will leave for a moment.


3rd Aug


Studied oil cooler realised will have to make a support bracket also will have to scrap existing water pipe work and remake. The water pump has a different pulley than is on the engine crank pulley and dynamo so retrieved spare water pump from container. Then realised that we would have the

Original engine’s water pump, which would have had blades, attached to it.


So took home loco pumps to strip clean and paint.


Started to fit door lock to make cab secure.





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