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Recent Events

Recent events including a collection at Morrisons in Bideford and a stall at Appledore Summer Festival have raised a total of £650 for TVR CIO funds. Big thanks go to those volunteers who manned the stall etc, but a much bigger thanks goes to the members of the public who supported us. THANK YOU!

Recent events on site

As the summer season has come to an end, progress on site has maintained momentum.

Grass has been cut regularly as far as the bridge, and vegetation has been cleared to allow easier access to the site. Flower pots have been successfully decorating the station. Benches on the platform have been rubbed down and restained to maintain them for another season. The tank wagon has been painted crimson, reflecting its past, and the brakevan has been restored too. A stove has been acquired for the brakevan too!

The big attraction on site is currently the model railway being lovingly created that demonstrates how the site will look after several phases of work have been completed.

Fundraising News

Open Days

Despite a wet and windy weekend, our 2016 Open Days went ahead and drew a good number of visitors despite a lot of rain on Saturday. £650 was raised for TVR funds, and more is to come. Donations of gifts were turned into money which will be spent on phase 1 of the project. The model railway demonstrating the plan was well received by the public who felt it helped them understand what was happening.

Photo Gallery

The view from the Bideford end of the site

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Note from the Fundraising Team

Any unwanted gifts or other potential raffle / tombola prize donations can be dropped into the carriage on a Thursday or left at the Puffing Billy.

Many thanks.

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