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  1. Build a suitable level crossing at the northern end of Torrington platform to allow access for walkers and cyclists.
  2. Establish a secure storage area for materials. Clear the immediate area of brush and overgrowth, clear the platform.
  3. Clear a strip along the eastern edge of the formation around the station 'throat', also check the drainage, at this point the old railway yard was quite wide with no less than four sidings on that side.This would allow the railway yard and cycleway to run alongside at its busiest point.
  4. Build the first five panels of track, suitably fenced.
  5. Install the 'King Point', this being the main turnout into Torrington Yard, followed by installing panels as far as the overbridge, approximately 300 yards to the north of Torrington.
  6. Develop Torrington Yard on the western side of the station, to provide a Road Rail Access Point and two sidings.This will similar to its previous track layout.
  7. It is anticipated that this will take two years. By this time short passenger trips should be available.



An action plan was drawn up to create the railway alongside the cycleway. Briefly outlined below is the order of developing the project.

Future Development

One of the earliest task to be carried out as part of Devon County Council’s requirements has been to cut back the overgrown vegetation at the entrances to improve visibility on approach.


In addition more clearance work has been carried out on the trail itself where it needs to be widened and tarmaced on one side.


The Future

It is anticipated that the initial action plan will take two years. By this time short passenger trips should be available. As finances improve, it is anticipated, subject to planning agreements, to progress the relaying towards Bideford. There may be a “halt” created in areas near Weare Gifford, where the main road and the rail / cycleway runs alongside each other.


Several larger projects occur once Torrington is left behind. Three small river bridges, Landcross tunnel and the main river viaduct between the tunnel and Bideford all create bottlenecks. Landcross tunnel and the viaduct over the Torridge present problems but theses can be overcome. We have consulted the office of Rail Regulation, and solutions are possible. The long term aim is to run trains once again from Torrington to Bideford.


And Finally


The most expensive part of the development is at the start, with the yard and maintenance facilities at Torrington.


Although the project will be volunteer led, many heritage railways have created full and part time paid employment. Most of the income raised is recycled within the local community, bringing financial benefits to the area.


Current Activities