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Some stories from the past

An Appeal  July 2015

Over the past year or so, we have increased the range and scope of work needed to be done and whilst we have a hard working and determined band of people doing sterling work on and off site, we need more please. If you are able to spare an hour or two a week, or a month, then please get in touch and we can discuss how your skills could really help the railway. We need copywriters, engineers, woodworkers, painters, people to staff the sales/information carriage, etc. Please come and get involved - it’s a great project and great fun!

(July 2015)


Update July 2015

As members are aware we have been in discussions with Devon County Council

regarding the new lease for some time now and it might seem  that nothing has happened over the months. Far from it! After initial discussions with D.C.C. locally, we contacted County Hall and matters moved on quite well. After agreeing the basics of a new lease – the “Heads of Terms” – D.C.C. passed the matter on the N.P.S. their administration unit for processing. More discussions and then the matter was passed to D.C.C. solicitors. We then received a draft lease clearly based on a full-blown commercial property type lease with a ‘few bits of railway reference’ thrown in! This has been studied by our solicitor who passed his comments and recommendations on to us. We have spent some time carefully studying the draft lease in detail and have now returned this with our comments and queries. We have requested some alterations and amendments to the draft and asked for clarification on some points. Our solicitor will respond to our queries and submit the amended lease back to D.C.C.’s solicitors then once we have agreed the final version the lease can be signed. We are however already working on initial site clearance on the Phase 1 area and thus when the lease is signed we shall be in a position to start serious work as quickly as funding allows.

(July 2015)